European Surveillance of Antibiotic Resistance (ESAR)

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News The data for 1999 and 2000 are now complete. We have expanded the results by infection pages and added results by center for most tables. We also added a summary of the results of the first 2 years with direct links to the matching tables. Due to the changes some of the tables have become fairly wide. It is advised to change to a small font in your browser and print tables in landscape orientation.

Roadmap to the site:

Project information includes a description of the project, the participating institutions and definitions for the organisms under surveillance in this project.

Global results shows summary tables of results for all the organisms under surveillance.

Results by specimen In this section you will find detail tables for each of the organisms under surveillance. Some analyses may be left out for an organism if the number of isolates is low.

Results by infection One aim of the study is to document infections and their outcome together with the resistant specimen. Where relavant numbers exist, results by infection are shown here. Please note that information on infections is not always available and thus numbers are lower than in the other analyses.

Other ESBiC pages is your gateway to the remainder of the ESBiC web site.

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