ADC - Antiinfective Drugs and Chemotherapy

Antiinfective Drugs and Chemotherapy is the official journal of the European Society for Biomodulation and Chemotherapy (ESBiC). The objective of the journal is to improve communication of basic scientific and applied clinical issues that are relevant for understanding and treating of infectious diseases and cancers. ADC is committed to publish original research reports and review manuscripts in English that focus on:

The Editorial Board places high priority on articles discussing clinical aspects of recently introduced therapeutic agents for combating infection and cancer.

The format for ADC is intended to meet the objectives and intentions of ESBiC by providing a communication forum for clinicians and research scientists. Separate Review Articles are included in each issue that cover a drug therapeutic profile and a pharmacokinetic profile of antiinfective, anticancer or biomodulating drugs. Each drug monograph will include referenced information on indications, use and dosing guidelines; in vitro activity with susceptibility methods; spectrum of activity with cross-resistance data and resistance trends; pharmacokinetic parameters; animal and overdose toxicity, contraindications, adverse effects; use in special populations; and, drug and laboratory test interactions. For antibiotic agents, regression line analysis data presentation should enable clinical microbiologists to interpret agar diffusion inhibition zone diameters and correlate inhibition zones with minimal inhibitory concentrations (MICs).

ESBiC Reports includes short communications on specific test methods or experience with specific therapeutic agents. Original Articles publishes reports from original research. The ZAC section includes articles scheduled for publication in Zeitschrift fr antimikrobielle und antineoplastische Chemotherapie. Letters and Comments may be combined with ESBiC News as a discussion forum for timely or controversial topics.

The quality of the Original Articles submitted for publication continues to exceed expectations and sets the tone for the Journal. The Editors are committed to maintaining high standards for the Journal and publishing material in the most timely manner. We encourage participation and look forward to contributions from readers.

ESBiC Datacenter Munich, 1999